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May - June 2015: Road Trip

Part 1 & Part 2

I drove 4,997 miles across North America with my mother. There were tears and laughter. There were weak cocktails and even weaker coffees. There were brakes that needed replacing. There may have been a spot of exercise. But mostly there was driving. (And for the first time ever: mobile-friendly galleries!)


January - March 2015 : Cuba

Viñales: Five weeks in a tobacco-farming town of eastern Cuba that is the epicenter of Cuban climbing. Masquerading as a Canadian and starting to figure out life after coming down from the climbing high.

Cienfuegos: One week in the most "French" of Cuban cities, speaking nothing but Spanish, getting some culture, and confusing the hell out of the pedicab drivers by walking everywhere.

Trinidad: Two weeks trying (and failing) to find a soul in a "perfectly" restored colonial town that is a UNESCO-sponsered Disneyland catering to international tourists.

Havana: One week in the city, watching the scheming jineteros target lemming tourists who take photos of ruined buildings that serve as canvas, warehouse, or playground while awaiting UNESCO-sanctioned restorations.



May 2011 - Road Trip

June 2011 - Costa Rica

August 2011 - Ecuador

September 2011 - Peru and Southern Peru

October 2011 - Bolivia & Chile

November 2011 - Argentina & Brazil

December 2011 - Killer Mario Cuomo

January 2012 - Australia

February 2012 - New Zealand

March 2012 - Jungle Head

June 2012 - Kalymnos, Greece

August 2012 - January 2013 - Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

The beautifu Lan Ha Bay.

The beast: Cat Ba Town.

The home crag of Butterfly Valley.

All the Friendly Faces.

January 2013 - Southern Vietnam and Cambodia

February 2013 - Thailand

July 2013: France -Ailefroide and Other Cragging

December 2013 : Cat Ba Island (again)

January/February 2014 : Central Thailand

February/March 2014 : Laos

April/May 2014: Sri Lanka

West and South Coasts

Hill Country and East Coast

Cultural Triangle and Misc

June/July 2014 : Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur





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